Want You

Arches, the incredible pairing of Sebastiaan Vandevoorde (better known as Moonlight Matters)and Sound of Stereo‘s Jochen Sablon, have begun bubbling into mainstream consciousness at exactly the perfect time for their intellectual brand of house music to be consumed by the masses. The Belgian dance duo is back with a brand new single effort after “There’s A Place”, their debut record with Columbia, which was received remarkably well critically, while netting them a substantial bit of merited buzz in the process. This afternoon, we have the utmost pleasure of premiering their latest, soon to be viral club hit “Want You” and we couldn’t be more entranced by their precise production prowess. Included on The Magician‘s latest Magic Tape, which seem to have taken on a life of their own and become a huge ground for new, incredible tunes to surface from; “After You” finds Arches clearly sending this one out to a sweaty dancefloor. The tune’s foggy synth work leads a low-end fueled piano melody and jacking house vibe into a driving groove for a track that is top-to-bottom one of the most succinct and well thought out dance cuts we’ve heard throughout the entirety of 2014. Try not to wiggle those hips and bob your head while listening, we dare you. And while you’re getting your bounce on, pick up a free download here.

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