The London by way of Montreal female house duo of Anastacia and Vivie-Ann, or Blond:ish as they are known to the house music community, have already earned a warranted reputation as some of the globe’s hardest working live DJ’s with performances in what seems like a different country every weekend. A consistently busy pair, Blond:ish’s latest release  their place as truly elite producers and an esteemed piece of the flourishing house movement. We had the chance to catch them live a few weeks back and holy cow can those girls throw down for three hours straight, but it is great to see Blond:ish flexing their production muscle for their fan base too.
Leading off Inward Visions is “No Place Like Gnome”. Pulsating bass helms the track with a lovely sampling of building and pretty synth play arranged in a way to induce lucid visions while busting a groove on a sweaty dance-floor. Following “No Place Like Gnome” is a change of pace in the extended play’s title track “Inward Vision”.  A gritty four-to-the-floor bass is glossed up by a guitar sample, complete with all those creative re-appropriations of sounds that fans of theirs have come to know and expect.
Inward Vision while definitely a departure from what music fans have become to know as “EDM”, is a solid listen and a house EP for those looking for soul, danceability and a distinct groove. Check out both tracks above.
’BLOND:ISH – No Place Like Gnome ‘
’BLOND:ISH – Inward Visions ft. Beyou ‘
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