FLXXDS- Two Coins (City & Colour Cover)

It takes a lot to take on an iconic track. On one hand, you want to pay a special tribute to the original artist and maintain some semblance of their artistry. On the other hand you really want to put your own spin on it, and make it truly your own. Just a few days ago, newcomer FLXXDS (pronounced floods) dropped his interpretation of City and Colour’s “Two Coins.” Not only does it pay ample respects to the original, but it takes on a whole new feel.

FLXXDS turned “Two Coins” on its head (pun intended) giving a soulful, garage influenced makeover to the well known indie folk tune. The bass line is sexy, seductive, and welcoming – the type of bass line that’s perfect for a chill night with your significant other. The vocals are sultry and flirt heavily with the acoustic guitar picks, which bring everything back to the original. It’s gorgeously rethought, and exquisitely redone. No wonder the blogosphere is ablaze with this gem of a cover.

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