Falcon Punch

After storming Hype Machine’s Top 10 back in August with “Flying High”, and following up with an utterly tasteful disco-revivalist single for vinyl-only imprint Smokecloud Records, “Paid Dues”; Denver based Minneapolis transplant Avery Henderson, who limelights with one of the best names and sounds in downtempo dance music, Falcon Punch, is back with “Silk” for a very special ‘TMN Premiere’. Always a thinking man’s disco purveyor, Falcon Punch rolls out his latest single on a bed of subdued, shuffled hi-hats; laying a lush foundation for which the tune’s almost minimal leaning synth progression can freely skitter along. But, once the curtains are raised after a brief yet baiting four-bar intro; we’re pulled into a lovely electro-funk meets nu-jazz  guitar line which serves a majority of the track’s focal point while simultaneously evoking some Discovery-era Daft Punk or chilled out Todd Terje comparisons. Furthering you along into a sea of groove, “Silk” highlights Falcon Punch’s proficient tastemaking abilities with a sumptuous vocal pulled from Dexter Wansel. Every piece functions as a standalone, but were also all clearly thought out and pulled together to play smoothly into one cohesive movement. “Silk” drops on Karl Kling (who you might know from his work with RAC) & Cyclist’s MANI/PEDI Records –Falcon Punch’s second release with the burgeoning dance label- and you can bet we’ll be all ears for music from both entities as 2015 unfolds. Stream “Silk” from Falcon Punch above.

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