A few weeks back, Adele, unleashed her latest single and more notably the theme song for the next James Bond film, “Skyfall”. “Skyfall” follows the formulaic flow James Bond theme songs have grown to embody over the years, however, “Skyfall” has one key aspect adding to its musical integrity, the illustrious vocals of Adele. Adele’s raspy and alluring vocals entrance the listener and coalesce impeccably with the undertones of the original. Today however, thanks to Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel, “Skyfall” has emerged once again in a very different light. Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel support Adele’s resilient vocals with a resounding melodic bassline and expertly produced synths. This is how espionage, deceit, and risqué love affairs are meant to sound. This is James Bond.

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’Adele – Skyfall (Clark Kent & Oscar Daniel Remix)’
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