Belgian producer Point.Blank is well known for some downright gritty creations. Buygore is known for releasing some of the highest quality records at the moment, so putting the two together is pretty much a no-brainer. The result was the Awake EP, a five track project packed with entirely original tracks without any collaborations. As is stated in the URLs of Point.Blank’s socials, you’re gonna get dubstep, but that didn’t stop a little DnB from making its way onto the EP.

Instead of waking up to some coffee to get your mind right in the morning, all you really need is this EP. No matter what song you choose, you get that in-your-face sound that bassheads love to hear. For us, the tracks “Broken Mirror” and “Paperboy” take the cake, but the other three are undeniably bangin’. Get some biofreeze ready, because you’re going to need it after headbanging your way through these tracks. If you’d like to hop on a purchase, then head over to Beatport for the EP.

’Point.Blank – AWAKE’
’Point.Blank – HOLD IT THERE’
’Point.Blank – BROKEN MIRROR’
’Point.Blank – PAPERBOY’
’Point.Blank – WIPE THEM OUT’
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