BOOM. Three face melting tunes from none other then Datsik. First off we got a heavy remix of Colin Monroe and K Flay’s track “Your Eyes”. The intro features some amazing vocals from Colin mixed with a hard rumbling synth, that builds into a classic Datsik drop. He chops the vocals perfectly while adding some relentless wobbles that hit at all the right times. Finishing it out with the sexy vocals from K Flay that complete this filthy remix. Next is an unexpected remix of none other then Linkin Park that Datsik did for their next album. Giving their track “Until It Breaks” a nasty Drumstep makeover, and once again Datsik nails it. The last track is an Original Mix titled, “Juicebox” and it starts off with some funky synths that reminded me of alot Doctor P’s style. The build has a dark feel to it right before you get smacked in the face with more unforgiving filth from this Dubstep heavyweight. We will keep you posted on the releases of the massive tunes! Cheers.

’Colin Munroe ft. K Flay – Your Eyes (Datsik Remix)’
’Linkin Park – Until it Breaks (Datsik Remix)’
’Datsik – Juicebox’
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Linkin Park