Bright (Bobby Brush Remix)

Summer is so close, we can practically taste it. By taste it, we, of course, mean ice cold beers, grilled meats, and the occasional, yet unfortunate mouthful of chlorinated water. We’ll gladly take the latter in stride, knowing full and well winter has come to an end, and warm weather is here to stay. As you’ve come to know, we fancy our indie rock and folk during the summer months, but sometimes you need something a little dancier to pick up the pool party’s tempo. Yes, you guessed it. That’s exactly what we have for you today.

Originally created by Los Angeles-based popsters Echosmith, “Bright” showcases the widely adored vocals of lead singer Sydney Sierota. It’s only natural to assume remixers would want to take a crack at the uplifting and heartwarming vocals, crafting a laidback and inspiring remix. Bobby Brush has done just that with this tropically inspired interpretation.

Rife with beachy bongos, upbeat guitar strumming, and a groovy bassline, this tune drifts far away from it’s contemporary radio station roots. The added sexy sax riff adds even more intrigue to the song, giving listeners what they’ve come to love with a solid tropical remix. Wrapping it all up in a bow, Brush crafted perfect sections of samples, which will surely please all the folks at your next pool, beach, rooftop, or backyard suaré.

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