Peking Duk
Say My Name ft. Benjamin Joseph (Filterkat Remix)

Australian duo Peking Duk have quickly risen to a headline act in their home country, their latest single ‘Say My Name’ cementing their status with a heap of radio exposure since its release. While the original continues to do its job on the airwaves, a number of other Australian artists have brought their remix chops to this fresh package, helping to ease the exhaustion that extensive radio play can have on a popular hit. One such local talent is Melbourne-based Filterkat, who brings his French inspiration to an incredibly funky electro cut, layered with driving basslines made to bounce off the walls of dance floors and send crowds into a fever pitch. For those seeking that extra kick behind the force of the anthemic vocals, look no further than this one.

You can grab this version in Part 1 of the Say My Name Remixes EP out now.

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