3LAU & Nom de Strip feat. Estelle
The Night (Hunter Siegel Remix)

Who doesn’t love some Hunter Siegel? The sad Canadian shouldn’t be sad with the response he’s received on his official remix of “The Night,” the collaboration between 3LAU and Nom De Strip. Hunter takes on a song created by two house giants and made a work that rivals the original in quality. He just kills it, plain and simple. Electro house with some deep qualities sprinkled on is what you get to consume for free with this single. Your ears will be thanking you for this one. Your body will be dancing away, and your worries will be no more. Hunter dropped one fun, and free record on us this week, so take it into the weekend and get your party on. If this is your first week of summer vacation, then you get to completely let loose with this hot jam.

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