Say My Name (RAC Mix)

You know those tracks that instantly lift your spirits from the minute you press play; those songs where even on your worst of days, you can’t help but find your foot tapping along to the beat? They are those songs that make it seem like the sun is shining on us when the only things above us are rain clouds.

RAC is an artist that has mastered the skill of producing music that will inevitably elevate anyone’s mood. Most recently, he’s exercised this skill on his remix of ODESZA’s “Say My Name.” Though we have encountered many remixes of In Return’s standout track, RAC’s was one that definitely caught our attention.

Opening with voice samplings of Zyra followed by an upbeat chord progression, the track eventually builds into one big conglomerate of musical sunshine. Press play and get ready to watch as a smile forms across your face.

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