It’s always important to watch our favorite artists evolve, especially the legends (even the transformation from a dogg to a lion).  It’s great for the artists because it gives them room to expand and even better for the fans, because we know that even our most cherished idols are still hungry for growth as they push the boundaries of their music.  It’s this hunger that I feel really separates the elite artists from the average and a characteristic we can find in the greats from all genres.

For music as a whole, collaboration is great because it breaks down barriers between genres making it tougher and tougher to apply labels to each new song that comes out.  Hell, I didn’t even know what exactly to count this new entry as.  While this new cut isn’t much of a departure from the traditional Little Dragon fare, it manages to still feel like home turf for Big Boi once he steps up to the mic bringing that same funky, tricked-out ATLien swagger that made him stand out so many years ago as a member of Outkast and more recently with his successful solo career.

When the final version of this drops,  it will likely be on constant repeat until the end of the year for us ninjas. “Mama Told Me” will be featured on Big Boi’s upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, which is due out later this year. For now, though, you’ll have to keep replaying the footage above of Little Dragon bringing out Sir Luscious Leftfoot at Vitamin Water and Fader’s uncapped concert series.

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