Australian-based producer and vocalist Yates is set to release his debut EP Mercury tomorrow and our ears are perked. He released the first single off the EP that shares its name a few days ago, and we’re thankful for the taste he gave us. “Mercury” serves as a strong first big release for Yates, an artist whose sound reminds us of a James Blake and Sam Smith musical child, and if such an operation exists that creates those children, can we have more please?

His sound is a take on the electro-R&B genre that soared with Blake, but with a heavier focus on pop vocals, and it’s really a winning combination. The producing is finessed, and that shows especially in his tasteful use of live symbols and piano in the song. It’s a star track that displays an aesthetic that can be difficult to achieve—catchy but relaxing, and upliftingly deep. With a relatively small following at the moment, Yates is sure to send himself into the sights of many, many more.

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