NITE-FUNK (Nite Jewel & DâM-FunK)
~ Can U Read Me?

L.A. based alt-pop songstress Nite Jewel and modern-funk musician, vocalist and producer Dâm-Funk have teamed up more than a few times over the trajectory of their respective careers; even securing a smidgen of virality with their single “I Know You’re the One”, and have once again combined forces as NITE-FUNK for brand new single “Can U Read Me”. Once upon a time, the sometimes duo was even close to releasing an entire EP’s worth of music, but as their arcs have swirled in different direction since then, we’ll have to settle for their one-off singles. Which, as long as we’re still getting tunes from the unlikely pairing, we don’t entirely mind. “Can U Read Me” pulls from both Nite Jewel and Dâm-Funk’s sonic psyche, ambling out of the gates with washed out pads and some Nite Jewel appropriated bass before unveiling its percussive core as a funk-tipping two-step progression before giving into the pair’s hooking vocals. “Can U Read Me” is a lovely piece of Neo-Soul, modern funk and avant-pop that we’ve not stopped grooving to this morning. Let’s get into the weekend spirit with some NITE-FUNK above.

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