Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska
We Are The Computers (Free Download)

If you could morph Daft Punk with Wolfgang Gartner, Popeska, some video game noises, and an analog synthesizer this would be the lovechild. On “We Are The Computers” Wolfgang takes a step out of his comfort zone and approaches things a bit differently than normal. With Popeska being on the track you already know this is going to be a serious banger. Expect to hear this all over; it is about to be festival season! With quality like this, they easily could have had “We Are The Computers” released on Ultra Records or really any for that matter, but instead they put it out on Wolfgang’s label ‘Kindergarten Records’. For some odd reason, “We Are The Computers” takes me back to the first time I ever hopped on Sega Genesis and played Sonic The Hedgehog! Even though Wolfgang Gartner & Popeska’s newest track was put out on a record label, it is available for free download! Let this tune take you on a mystical journey back through time on a train of nostalgia.

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