The Florida producer Asher Shashaty has been releasing a steady flow of singles that now have led up to his second album, Astral Spring. The 10-track project showcases the evolution of Asher’s sound that continues to expand into diverse sonic territories. From dubstep, to future, trap and more, Astral Spring has a vibe for everyone.

Collaborators on the project include Dani King, Miyoki, Misdom, and more; all of whom bring their A-game to elevate an already solid project by Asher. Expressing a great mix of genres can sometimes be a tough task, but Asher keeps everything within a strong contextual scope to make for a fluid experience from start to finish.

I’m so thankful the album is finally out. I feel so blessed to be able to make music for everyone who wants to listen. I put all of myself into my music, so Astral Spring is a big piece of myself that I am happy to present to you.” – Asher

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