When artists take their first step forward with a new project, it’s both nerve-racking and exciting. The same goes for us when we see someone launching a project. However, once we heard what Camino Cabal had to offer with his debut EP, we only felt excitement for what’s to come.

After listening through the Camino Cabal EP, it should come as no surprise that the man behind this has already worked with the likes of Lindsey Stirling and Afrojack. Camino’s style is a fresh mixture of acoustic meets electronic. It’s hard for some to pull it off, but he does it without a hitch; creating smooth records that sway back and forth between a poppy singer/songwriter style and heavy bass. This motif is ridden through each of the three singles. Not only will you be headbanging, and dancing your ass off, but you will be singing along to the memorable lyrics that have a tinge of an old-school feel to them. All three singles are worth the listen, but if we had to pick a favorite, we’d run with “Black Sugar Sky.” It’s just too good. Check them all out and get ready for the official EP release next week on the 16th!

’Black Sugar Sky’
’Naked Legends’
’Moonbeam Messiah’
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