Day One
Eon Ft. Isabel Higuero (Full Edit)

Genres in electronic will rise and fall in popularity over the years, but the musical gems which will stand the test of time are the productions that evoke something more profound beyond the physical sound itself. Whether it’s triggering a deep memory, or a vivid scene that you may not have ever seen before, it’s the story that flows from the sonic wavelengths that ultimately determines the lasting impacting that a track will have for its listeners.

What is so striking about Day One’s lead single from his upcoming Serenity EP is just how quickly those sentiments are awoken within moments of hearing the wondrous interweaving of astral soundscape and lush piano melody. The detail behind the artwork is generally a strong indication of the power of the aural narrative that is about to be told, and there could be nothing more fitting for ‘Eon’ than the glorious image of galactic exploration portrayed above. With clear intentions to depict the beginning of a journey into the stars, every element of this track has been painstakingly layered to accentuate the complete experience of adventure into the unknown. Add to that the stunning vocal accompaniment of Isabel Higuero’s handcrafted lyrics, and the senses suddenly become engaged at their most internal points, reaching down into the soul and creating a feeling unique to this arrangement of sound.

It’s the potency of that sentience that reflects the beauty of what these artists have been able to achieve here, and defines the quality that ensures ‘Eon’ will last for as long as its name suggests.

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