As we stated when Chapter 1: Dreaming in The Void was released a couple weeks ago, the second chapter was on its way. Now, it is here, packed with three powerful songs that continue to build a story that we can’t get enough of. What Kannibalen Records and Suicide Sheep have on their hands is something special that every listener needs to experience. Just wait until the full album is out, too.

For now, you can pre-order Recovery in full, or wait for vinyl sales to become available. Kick back, read, listen, and enjoy. If you haven’t already experienced the first chapter, hop over to that through the hyperlink above when you get a chance.

Being lost in reality is a frightening experience. After awakening from a coma, one is in a state of confusion. While in this stage, Dead Battery had to reconnect with reality in a way that can’t be imagined by most people. A more aggressive sound characterizes the second chapter, where vocals and drums become even more prominent. Something has happened, but what exactly was it?

’Live Alone’

“Live Alone” starts off the chapter with a resounding shout. Dead Battery’s mind jolts with spasms of energy as he becomes conscious of his mental prison. The struggle is exemplified by exertive synths and heart pounding percussion. Things take a turn towards eerie when a final battle frontier is set by booming horn-like synths for the last third of this shorter piece.

’Die Alone’

Once one realizes they live alone, they then realize they “Die Alone.” Obscured vocals are weaved together, as though the mind is putting its thoughts back into order. Although it has a dreary sound, there’s a certain level of inspiration that radiates from this partner piece.

’Living Ghosts’

“Living Ghosts” picks up the pace and mood with poised synths and ethereal vocals. The song is divided between a soft, introspective soundscape, and a roaring march chorus section. With the soul beginning to come alive, this where Dead Battery turns things around to face a new ascension.

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