Human Movement (AUS)

We’ve been featuring the borderline industrial, bass heavy dance sounds of Sydney shakers Human Movement, for over half a year now, most recently with “To Be”, and it seems the rest of the blogosphere has begun to catch up as well. After having debut single “Shake” picked up by Australia’s almighty Triple J Radio as well as issuing a monster mix on Skrillex’ Nest HQ, Human Movement returns with another genre eschewing cut, “Paradise”.  The Australian club beasts stick to their guns in terms of ambience, painting a dark dance picture through the use of a minimalistic bassline, evovling percussion and the lovely utilization of debuting vocalist Eliza Sol. About the track Human Movement relayed:  “We really tried to focus more on the overall groove and flow of the track, we really weren’t satisfied with the standard kick – clap minimal percussion groove…wanting to keep the track under a really dark and minimalistic vibe, but with the compatibility of a female vocalist. It worked out really well as our good friend Eliza ( who we didn’t know even sang!) who nailed it.” We actually think all parties involved nailed it. Now listen for yourself.

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