IMLAY has been steadily making waves over the past year. Those waves are continuing to grow and soon will be full on tsunamis that crash into every continent of the world. The South Korean producer is already making advances on that with his latest step being the SHURAI EP.

Totaling in at six tracks, the SHURAI EP is jam packed with great songs. Quality collaborators including the vocalists Laura Brehm and Anna Yvette contribute to the epic nature of this dynamic project. IMLAY always manages to express genuine emotions through his work that connect listeners instantly to his stories. That’s just what he delivers, musical stories. He’s not simply a guy looking to be the next cool DJ. IMLAY is a true songwriter that is aiming to have a long and fruitful career. SHURAI is just another step towards to the top for him. Get your copy of the EP today.

’IMLAY – Shurai (Low)’
’IMLAY & Sik
K(식케이) – 데칼코마니 (Decalcomanie)’
’IMLAY – Daylight (Feat. Laura Brehm)’
’IMLAY – Cerulean High (Feat. Anna Yvette)’
’IMLAY – Nine Tails’
’IMLAY – Rule the fire (Feat. YESEO)’
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