Liquid Stranger
Hotbox (Original Mix)

Music made by Liquid Stranger aka Martin Staaf almost always eludes all classification, so we won’t even try to put his new single “Hot Box” into (what else?) a box.

Staaf himself calls his music “freeform bass music”, and “Hotbox” is no different. It’s got the build-drop structure of a traditional EDM song, but the drop itself features a viciously sharp and stabbing synthesizer over a clean hip-hopish beat. Gritty vocals from an unnamed source ratchet up the energy, and a “boss” sample from what sounds like Chuck D creates a perfect prelude for the drop. This song is begging to be spun live on a proper sound system.

“Hotbox” releases on Wakaan, a label Staaf himself founded just over one year ago to showcase freeform bass music in all it’s ambiguous and filthy glory. Pick u a free download of “Hotbox” here.

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