Mura Masa
What If I Go?

After a short five month silence, Mura Masa is back. Shifting from the orchestral approach of “Love For That,” he calls on Bonzai to bolster the more soulful and dynamic instrumentation of “What If I Go?” with her immaculate vocal presence. This song stands strong as a second single for his upcoming album, and, unsurprisingly, captures some of the best nuances of Mura Masa and his fastidious method of production.

The impact of his noteworthy Someday Somewhere project continues to thrive throughout each new release, and that is the sort of delicate balance between consistency and innovation that electronic music has been moving toward more and more. Mura Masa has been an integral part of that change, and his merit in that regard is undeniable. In case you were unsure, you’re listening to the future here, and it’s a great thing to witness.

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Mura Masa