For a Minute (feat. MOONZz)

TastyTreat is a familiar name around here, and it’s certainly warranted. Following up their contribution to Hebinomichi Vol 3., this duo joined forces with the brilliant MOONZz on a radiant and energetic new tune titled “For A Minute” that doubles as an exceptional pick-me-up if you’re stuck in some winter blues.

Right from the jump, MOONZz succeeds in drawing us in with her sleek delivery and sultry vocals as the luscious groove of TastyTreat’s handiwork barrels out of the speakers with an emphatic and resounding presence. You’ll need a good amount of space when you listen to this tune for the first time, because we can guarantee you’ll be dancing like nobody’s business once the first kick punches through. There are a myriad of wonderful things happening in this lively new effort from TastyTreat, so you should just go right ahead and press play to experience it for yourself!

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