Displaying a talent for creating dance music that strays from convention, Australian producer Trumpdisco has just unveiled his new three-track EP, “Third.” Released as a joint venture between No Tomorrow and Vicious Recordings, this collection is a wonderfully explorative journey and is a modern twist on the underground electronic sound from years gone by.

“Ill Still” is a highlight here, with grimey snatches of bass and sharps twists of melody throughout. “Outworld” is probably the most accessible of the three, and the subtle groove of the bass line works as an infectious hook. Finally “High Silence” is probably the darkest with its thumps of rhythm playing a key role.

Trumpdisco’s “Third” EP should be listened to in full, and enjoyed as a bold sampler of his work. You can pick up a copy here.

’Trumpdisco – Outworld (Preview)’
’Trumpdisco – High Silence (Preview)’
’Trumpdisco – Ill Still (Preview)’
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