We have made this point at The Music Ninja perhaps a hundred times over, but it seems to be a growing trend. Teenagers are producing some of the most forward-thinking, genre-bending electronic music  being put out in the EDM landscape at the moment. 18 year old Ollie Mckendrick-Ness or more simply OMN comes to us today with his latest self-released single “Betwixt”, and it only serves to perpetuate that stereotype. On “Betwixt”, OMN slowly creates a sonic soundscape that pulls in its listener by employing acoustic elements over a swift, downtempo “boom-pap” drum kick and what sounds to be a subdued MIDI controller hook. Parts of OMN’s instrumentation recall older Sigur Ros, but with an experimental pop-sensibility one would expect to find from a more freshly faced group like Youth Lagoon. It is just a beautiful listen, and as an added bonus can be taken home for your listening pleasure. Download “Betwixt” above.

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