tell me ft. Brian Bibb

Alright ninjas, we’ve got a good one for you guys today. We discovered Ørka as we were going through our daily Soundcloud scavenger hunt, and as you could imagine, we didn’t expect to see an artist with less than 400 Soundcloud followers in the midst of all the other tracks. We gave Ørka a shot though and we’re god damn happy we did.

The only thing you can find about the Miami-based Ørka online is his music, in the form of six tracks on Soundcloud, and that seems telling of the kind of person he is. “Tell Me” is an emotion-laden indie electronic masterpiece that seemingly draws inspirations from the likes of the legendary James Blake. A melancholy piano melody sets the foundation for the track as Brian Bibb delivers morose vocals that gives the track a hauntingly beautiful vibe.

Stream “Tell Me” above and get a free download, courtesy of Ørka, here.

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