As the work week slowly winds its way down, we’re fully aware that you’re on the hunt for solid tunes to carry you into two days of pure, unadulterated freedom. Luckily for you, THEY. just dropped their debut EP via Mind of a Genius, and it’s rife with heavy bass hits, lush vocals, and inventive verses.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this act, we’ll fill you in on their background. THEY. are Drew and Dante. The two were introduced in LA through a mutual acquaintance. Dante was dialing up beats with the ever-so-popular, and oft mysterious producer ZHU, and Drew had just relocated from Maryland. Together, both are influenced by a wide variety of acts like Taking Back Sunday, Nirvana, Babyface, and New Edition, all of which culminate in an unique, and highly addictive listening experience.

Three tracks are highlighted in their Nü Religion EP, which can all be found below. Our favorite out of the trio is “Motley Crue,” which may or may not be due to our secret love for songs like “Kickstart My Heart” and “Shout at the Devil.” Whether or not the title was a subtle nod to Vince Neil and the rest of those cats, it still caught our ear and won’t let go. The dark and understated guitar lick would certainly indicate a connection to some hard rock roots, but we’re pretty sure the title is referring to the lyrics. Regardless, the combination of huge 808 hits, clean snares, and layered vocal samples all culminate into the perfect song to crank up on your ride home from work.

So, make sure you have your shades ready. Roll the windows down. Press play and don’t forget to turn this shit up.

’Motley Crue’
’Back It Up’
’Bad Habits’
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