As we slowly pull ourselves out of our holiday induced food, family and booze comas, it’s important to start the day off right with something real nice (as Cousin Eddie would say.)

Coming off of the mixtape from the electronic producer/vocalist duo, Made in Heights, has a downtempo delight that’s perfect to ease you into reality. Chock full of atmospheric layering, subtle tribal drum work and a underlying synth melody, the true hero in “Mantis” is Kelsey’s heart-wrenching lyrics. The simplistic soundscape is a perfect backdrop for the her story.

Coming off of their latest release,The Wøøds, This is apparently just a light taste of what’s on deck for this upcoming year for this talented duo, according to their Bandcamp:

a sort of albumixtape to lead you on an audio journey thru the HEIGHTS. a lil’ lagniappe of sonic fantasy foreshadowing some of what’s to come in 2014.
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