If there’s something we love in an artist, it’s creativity, passion, and heaps of talent. Sometimes we come across an artist who perfects this trifecta and soars above and beyond some of today’s leading singers/songwriters. Whenever we do find these diamonds in the rough, we know that we have just stumbled upon something incredibly rare and special.

Well ninjas, we are pretty damn sure we just found the next vocal sensation, and boy will this powerhouse make you rethink today’s contemporary definition of what it means to be ‘the next big thing’. Hailing all the way from San Francisco, Rozzi Crane and her unique vocal resonance has captured our full attention after we discovered her Space EP. The moment she opened her mouth, all was lost and we immediately became submissive to this gal’s chilling vibrato and soulful melodies. As you make your way through this 4 track EP, you will experience nothing but emotion-evoking songwriting as well as a sly cameo from Maroon 5’s, Adam Levine in their song, “Painkiller”. As much as we love this EP in its entirety, we highly suggest you pay close attention to our personal favorite, “Half The Man”, for it could easily be ranked along some of Adele’s chart-topping ballads such as “Someone Like You” or “Rolling in the Deep”. With her emotional lyricism alongside the intricate sound design, Rozzi Crane continues to blow us all away with her vocal aura. We guarantee her presence will bring solace on this rainy Monday afternoon.

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