You don’t have to scan far through my posts to know that I appreciate a solid pop tune. Will you find any Taylor Swift or the Biebs? No. Not to say that I don’t appreciate their craft, but I like to find stuff a little more inventive, a little more under-the-radar, and a little fresher to the scene. That’s where ERIEL INDIGO comes in.

Racing into the industry at the young age of 19, this LA-based songstress/creative director/activist uses her art as a means to promote well-being, productive rebellion, intentional evolution and communal consciousness. After only a couple of releases, she’s already drawing on associations of Charlie XCX and Tove Lo, yet maintaining her own eclectic style. Now, she’s ready to drop her debut EP, Elevate.

“Every Little Thing” is just the second release from that EP, and it’s nothing short of pure pop bliss. Expect a groovy little beat, memorable lyrics brought forth by a unique vocal tone and some infectious synths that instantly latch on, leaving you craving for just one more play through.

Keep tabs on this budding young chanteuse by following her on Facebook. I can assure you that the rest of the upcoming EP will more than impress.

Photo credit: David Zayas Jr.

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