Dreamers Delight
Serenity Ft. Cosmic Quest

Do you ever listen to a song and feel as if you’re about to drift into an infinite dimension of reality? It’s as if the entirety of your experience begins to shift into a new form of appreciation. We don’t feel this sensation too often, but today we are elated to share this enchanting experience with our TMN listeners. Los Angeles producer, Dreamers Delight, has caught the attention of many with his ethereal approach to sound design and has been captivating us ever since his stellar release of “Olives” back in July. With his unique approach to music, Dreamers Delight has mastered the art of capturing life’s most beautiful moments and transposing them within his beautiful chord progressions and uplifting percussive breakdowns.

We are excited to share his latest release, “Serenity”, which features a TMN favorite, Cosmic Quest. “Serenity” is the kind of track that will take you to new heights – literally and figuratively. With all its intricate synth builds, mesmerizing brass breaks, and mystical melodies, “Serenity” has the potential to stimulate one of the most introverted trips of a lifetime. Cosmic Quest adds the perfect touch to this already serene gem, thus enhancing the overall vibe of the track. If you’re a fan of Odesza and their Foreign Family Collective, then don’t sleep on Dreamers Delight because this conscious cat is about to move mountains in the near future.

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