Shut Out Of Paradise

E-T-H-E-R-E-A-L. That is what comes to mind when we first heard this stunning new track, Shut Out Of Paradise’, from Pop sensationalist, SLO. This emotional and physically moving track grabs hold of our every sense, permeates our flesh, and cleanses our soul to rid our body of all our tears and suppressed feelings. Produced by the wonderful Catching Flies, SLO takes this soothing instrumental and pierces our ears with her flawless, atmospheric voice and touching lyricism. It almost feels as if our mind is wrapped in a longing embrace with our heart, slowly dancing to the soft piano melodies and the ambient percussive elements that harmoniously sync together as one. In contrast to the heartbreaking lyrics, SLO gives us something to reminisce all the times we’ve had a broken love and ponder why we even allowed ourselves to be intoxicated by such madness. This contemporary pop gem will undeniably swoon you back into a lovers embrace and make you question the heartache all over again. Make sure to grab your free download now because it won’t be available come Monday!

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