Neon Daze (Mumbai Science Remix)

There’s no doubt that OWSLA newcomer Etnik is making a splash. As he ascends the ranks of the German techno world, Hamburg-based wunderkind is also starting to infiltrate the US EDM scene. With a unique, industrial sound, people are excitedly anticipating his EP, which drops November 19th. Once again proving that they’re not scare to push the envelope, Skrillex’s OWSLA shows us to expect the unexpected.

After hearing the crackling bass hits, and robotesque bleeps of the original, we knew that we would soon have remixes to follow. Today, we’re excited to bring you a glitchy, hard-hitting remix from Belgian techno duo Mumbai Science. In its simplistic, underground nature, this remix has an intense personality that commands you to listen. Let the big, haunting chords and ADD riddled beeps and clicks welcome you in.

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