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How do we even start with Chet Faker? From the volumized ginger beard and the man bun, to the charismatic stage presence and unpredictable maneuvers, Chet Faker has got it all. Needless to say, he brought down the house with his performance last Monday at Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. The 23-year-old Australian musician is known to be a one-man band; whether it’s singing, DJing or producing songs all on his own. Racking up an unbelievably huge following as an independent artist, Chet Faker is doing something extraordinary given the talent and opportunities he’s got.

Starting off the set with “I’m Into You”, an oldie but goodie, Chet Faker gave his 110% when it comes to showcasing his caliber. Aside from the vocal performances, he incorporated numerous DJing acts throughout his set to spice up the entertainment factor. With the spontaneity and nonchalance of being an independent musician, he made up a song from scratch in the middle of his set, claiming that “this next track does not exist anywhere else but here”. As the crowd screamed and cheered, he created this complex beat with vocal samples made on the spot through his microphone. Newer fans were not disappointed, as he played a selection of gems from his recent album Built On Glass, namely “Gold”, “To Me”, “1998”, “Cigarettes & Loneliness”, etc.

The entirety of his set lasted roughly about ninety minutes, yet it was seemingly shorter. When he said he’s closing out with an acoustic version of “Talk Is Cheap”, it was almost like he just got on stage half an hour ago. His soulful R&B vocals soared through the venue, catching everyone’s attention and stopping all the casual chattering at the back of the venue. There was no greater feeling to see your favorite artist giving his all on stage while everyone sings along to every word of his songs. He turned Belly Up Tavern into a massive karaoke.

San Diego was his last stop of his US tour, meaning that he will return to the land down under after giving this epic performance. We cannot tell you how bittersweet yet excited we are to see what new music he is working on next. Sky is the limit for the Chet Faker, and he’s about to show us what he’s got hidden in that manly gingerbeard of his.

Chet Faker
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