Feed Me
Time For Myself

Even though summer’s waning, legs starting to ache from almost-endless dancing, heads reeling with delight from coast-to-coast festivals, there’s no reason to turn down now. Keeping true, I was fortunate enough to experience the reality-melting, immersive odyssey better known as Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey at Denver’s  Ogden Theater.

Though I’d seen Feed Me several times previously, the surprises seemed endless. For those that haven’t seen Feed Me’s with Teeth live show, here’s a quick breakdown: a wall to wall, devious glowing grin gnashes at the crowd, in tandem with explosive beats and soundscapes that stretch the entire sonic spectrum. London’s Jon Gooch is at the helm, masterminding it all. For those that have seen it before, picture it all again, but magnified, amplified, re-energized and reconsidered.

Delta Heavy heavily instigated the entire party, igniting the crowd with dance-heavy hits, peppered with bass-soaked favorites along with tracks wholly new, such as Knife Party’s “Resistance,” a set which truly showcased DJ virtuosity and complete crowd awareness. When the time came for the curtains to drop and bare the Teeth, the crowd was properly charged.

Programmed-LED panels fill the teeth and eyes that make up the immense Feed Me rig, the source of vastly revamped visuals that pump out short psychedelic sketches and bleed beautiful liquid chromatics, where each punctuated note can be not just heard, but felt and seen. Not an inch of vertical or horizontal space is spared, either. Stage lights throb and pierce the darkness masterfully from strategic nooks across the entire stage plane. Every detail is fully considered. The LED paneling and flashing lights become an integral component, not a crutch.

Feed Me’s set ebbs and flows with creative builds, unrelenting rhythms, and even the occasional hip-hop/trap nod. The set is laden with tracks from his latest EP and stretches out into his back catalog, each bit structured and polished to fit into an entirely seamless performance that traverses drum and bass, deep house, dubstep and all dance-worthy electro between.

It’s calculated pandemonium at its finest–addictive, captivating and immersive. Visuals are endlessly tied and tangled to sonic bliss and yet the chaos is remarkably singular, an experiential entity. In a perfect word, cohesive. A full-on adventure. It’s on par with the production and massive sound you’d expect at any given festival, yet intimately placed in a theater, any spot you find yourself in truly is the best spot. Anywhere is an equal vantage for patrons at an unparalleled show.

There are still more than a handful of dates left on the tour (I’m looking at you, West Coast), so jump on some tickets ASAP. Don’t even finish this sentence. F’reals. You too, Canada.

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