But U Won't

I could spend some time revisiting the works of Sartre and Camus in an effort to beef up the anecdotal part of my post, but that would chew up a lot of my time. To be perfectly honest, it’s been over 15 years since I’ve read The Stranger and I really want to get Goldwash’s new tune to your ears as quickly as possible.

Dubbed as Existential Funk, “But U Won’t” boasts a bevy of influences, starting off with a playful little jazz piano melody. From there, we’re welcomed in by some soulful lyrics, a thick ‘n funky bassline, and some accentuating, pitched-down vocal samples. The production quality is second to none, alluding to the fact that this enigmatic musician is primed for plenty of attention in 2016.

As it stands right now, this 21-year-old classically trained artist is relatively unheard of. I highly recommend following him now, so you can one-up all your friends at the end of 2016 with the old fashioned “Who Heard Them First” game.

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