Jackson Breit
Tell Me Something Good (prod. by Carneyval feat. Sophia)

We don’t know about you guys, but we’re ready to kick off our shoes, lace up our boardshorts, and lie by the pool with a frosty adult beverage. It’s warm and sunny out here in Denver and now we have this shimmering, summertime tune to accompany us.

We’ve been a fan of this Virginia Beach silky-smooth vocalist for quite some time, with posts reaching all the way back to 2012. Some were remixes with original vocals, some were just straight up originals, but one thing was always constant – that goddamn gorgeous voice.

Today’s track is a soulful, gospel-inspired tune featuring vocalist Sophia and a repeat appearance by Carneyval. It rides along the familiarity of Rufus’ original, with the borrowed choruses that will have you singing along in an instant. The verses are all new though, courtesy of Mr. Breit.

If you’re at work, please don’t hold us, Jackson Breit, Sophia, or Careyval accountable for your intense need to get up and head outside. If you do though, make sure to keep this on repeat for a bit.

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