Coward (feat. Ngaiire)

Well it’s late as hell and we’re still going to post the latest Kilter track. It’s a little past 11 PM PST and 4 PM Australia time so we figure it’s acceptabe to post this regardless of the time difference only because we’re ninjas and we want to get you the latest and greatest music – even if it’s past all of our bedtimes.

Now that we got that little spiel out of the way we can get to the juice of this exciting new tune from one of our favorite Australian baes, Kilter. After a long period of being stuck in limbo (and not having updated his SoundCloud with his new music), Kilter finally unleashed the fourth tune off his latest EP, Shades (out now on iTunes), in which he reminds us all why patience truly is a virtue.

With a title like “Coward”, one can only imagine what sparked the creation behind this stunning number. Often times we question the purpose of certain songs in order to satisfy our existential train of thought; half the time we don’t really find that resolve to fill that empty void. After listening to “Coward” over and over again, it began to hit us that humans spend way too much time digging deep for something that might not actually exist; it may also be that the answer is right in front of us and we are just oblivious to the truth that is right in front of our eyes. We don’t really know what the answer is until we dive a little deeper into the mind.

In “Coward”, Kilter tells an intricate story that only we, the listeners, can subjectively define through our own experiences. At the end of our journey, we are able to say that we found our resolve within the sound frequencies themselves. The conclusive message we perceived may not be the same as yours, but hey, that’s perfectly ok because we think that’s what Kilter wants this song to represent. With its powerful resonance and impeccable progression, we cannot help but be enchanted by both Kilter’s production and the stunning vocal from the beautiful Ngaiire. The moment words flowed from her mouth and into our ears, we instantly became over-encumbered with a range of emotions which forced our souls to embark on the cleanse of a lifetime. We hope you all feel this much power from this song because we seem to be filled to the brim with feels…and we aren’t complaining in the slightest.

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