_MG_1990As regular festival attendees, the Ninja staff has definitely learned to appreciate a well-organized event and last weekend’s Treasure Island Music Festival proved once again to be one of the best in the business. With no overlapping sets and plenty of room to dance, TIMF, even in its most well-attended year to date, felt like a paradise for festivalgoers who, with the current popularity of live music, have become accustomed to the more stressful aspects of music festivals. Treasure Island’s 2014 lineup featured masterful curation of diverse genres encouraging attendees to check out acts they might not have otherwise.

Check out a playlist of memorable songs to go along with some amazing photos of MØ, Chet Faker Outkast, Alt-J and more from Treasure Island Music Festival below. If you were in attendance last weekend, we hope this brings you back!

Day 1

Why we loved it: Electro-pop vocalist MØ has been on our radar for quite some time now. As a performer, she has an undeniable energy with a voice that translates incredibly well live. Due to an eye infection, she was rocking an eye patch during her set, which actually ended up making her look even cooler on stage. TIMF2014_4 TIMF2014_5TIMF2014_6

Don’t Wanna Dance’


Why we loved it: Jungle released easily one of the best albums of the year with their self-titled debut. Their soul, funk influenced brand of music makes for a straight dance party. The UK-based band even rocked some SF Giants gear to rep the home crowd’s team. TIMF20141TIMF2014_9 TIMF2014_10

’Jungle – The Heat’

Janelle Monae

Why we loved it: As expected, Janelle Monae swept us off our feet with her powerful vocals and on-stage presence.

TIMF2014_17 TIMF2014_13

’Janelle Monae – Tightrope’


Why we loved it: Over 6 months after kicking off their reunion tour, Outkast were in full force at Treasure Island. If there were any questions as to the quality of their shows as of late, this certainly proved that they legendary duo can still bring it. TIMF2014_26 TIMF2014_25 TIMF2014_28 TIMF2014_34 TIMF2014_31 TIMF2014_32 TIMF2014_30

’UGK – International Player’s Anthem (ft. Outkast)’

Day 2


Why we loved it: Icelandic artist Ásgeir blew an early crowd away with his Justin Vernon-esque voice and unique brand of folktronica. Check out our exclusive interview with him from the fest if you haven’t already. TIMF2014_39

’Ásgeir – King and Cross’

Chet Faker

Why we loved it: Chet Faker’s electro-soul is powerful and at times heart-wrenching, but also extremely danceable. The Australian talent displays an impressive ability to multi-task as a performer working multiple electronic instruments while delivering his unique vocals. TIMF2014_45 TIMF2014_50 TIMF2014_48 TIMF2014_44

’Flume & Chet Faker – Drop The Game’


Why we loved it: Alt-J’s latest album, This Is All Yours, definitely had a calmer aesthetic than their first, but their first festival show since its release was far from lacking in energy. The quickly ascending band played a perfect mix of their growing catalogue improving on their already seemingly flawless performance track record. TIMF2014_61 TIMF2014_59 TIMF2014_60 TIMF2014_68

’Alt J – Lovely Day (Bill Withers Cover)(Live)’

Washed Out

Why we loved it: Washed Out’s psychedelic chillwave makes for a surprisingly high-energy and danceable show. The live instrumentation really takes the already awesome music to a whole other level. TIMF2014_70 TIMF2014_72

’Washed Out – It All Feels Right’

Around the Festival TIMF2014_58 TIMF2014_43 TIMF2014_42 TIMF2014_37 TIMF2014_56

All Photo Credits to talented Ninja photographer Mike Lei

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