Flora Cash
For Someone (radio Edit)

There’s something about the frigid temperatures, piling snow drifts, and the swiftly darkening days that bear a special bond with folk music. Maybe it’s the introspective nature that’s so often associated with this time-tested genre. Maybe it’s the fact that so many of us spend the winter months more so in isolation than in connective socialization. Whatever it is, we often find ourselves throwing on some gloomy folk, bundling up with a blanket, some whiskey, and a good book during the not-so-sunny months.

Swedish husband and wife folk duo Flora Cash certainly have added another piece to our weather-induced introversion with “For Someone.” Within only a moment’s time, this tune draws you in with its haunting beauty like Alice is drawn to the circling plumes of curling smoke from the Caterpillar. Part of that allure comes from the delightfully dreary guitar strumming, which provides an approachable backdrop for the enchanting alternating vocals from Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj.

Their debut record, Can Summer Love Last Forever? is due out in March. Coincidentally, that’s a question so many of us will ask come then. Until Summer comes, you can find us nose down in a Kindle, with Flora Cash radiating through our speakers.

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