Flux Pavilion and Matthew Koma
Emotional (G-Buck Remix feat. OnCue)

Just a few days ago, we brought you an exclusive interview with our Resident Artist of the Month – the legendary Flux Pavilion. Early on in that interview, we brought up one of our favorite songs from his recently released album. Which one, you ask? “Emotional,” which features vocals from dance music journeyman Matthew Koma.

Originally sporting a tasty future bass styling, today’s premiere brings an entirely new persona via Philly-based DJ/producer G Buck. Roping in some additional vocals from Brooklyn resident OnCue, the two have crafted a tune that not only pays an artful homage to the original, but also to Flux’s iconic sound as well.

Alongside well-crafted samples of Koma’s original lyrics and the added vocal flair from OnCue, this remix also boasts some impressive percussion work, a head-banging bassline, and memorable, razor-sharp synths. All of those elements culminate effortlessly, providing listeners with something that’s both cooler than the other side of the pillow and perfectly aggressive for any upcoming late-night endeavors.

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