Folly Rae
Someone I Don't Know

The last time a female artist sang the words ‘shake it off’, the world was overcome with a Swift-sensation. While Folly Rae demonstrates some serious pop-sensibility, there’s a deeper ethereal charm residing below the surface of what is outwardly and unashamedly strong pop sentiment. Her new track “Someone I Don’t Know” might not be so much about shaking it off, but Folly Rae is well on the way to creating her own international storm.

This spacious and hauntingly ornate track has its radio friendly edges, but manages to rub its smooth surfaces against something a bit more rugged. Lyrical depth and radio friendly soundscapes aren’t always such compatible companions, but Rae seems to have mastered the craft of packing punches into pretty parcels. “Someone I Don’t Know” has the darkly eerie undercurrents of Lana Del Ray, but with a distinctly British feel.

“Someone I Don’t Know” side-steps the overly polished effect and plants its somewhat folky roots firmly in the field of darkly ethereal pop-perfection. Garnering hype on home soil, Rae’s previous release “Free Your Mind” was part of BBC introducing, whilst “Someone I Don’t Know” has secured a first play from Huw Stephens on Radio One.

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