Like the colorful imagination of a young child, Free N Losh are uninhibited by any societal musical expectations or norms. Allowing their creativity to shine through, these two have created a daydreamers’ fantasy, illustrating what a lot of us hear as we’re careening through the thoughts that make us warm ‘n fuzzy.

This latest EP is even more imaginative and dreamlike than anything we’ve heard from them previously. Of course you’re already familiar with “What We’ll See,” from our earlier post on it. And while it has some chillstep inspired smooth rolling basslines, in “The World Within,” we’re offered up something quite different. This tune, heavily rooted in classic jazz, focused highly on the combination of different instrumental sampling. Despite the fluttering synths layered into it, you can actually still picture listening to this in a darkened jazz club. You quickly forget that you’re listening to a form of electronica.

“Spaceships vs Submarines” probably resembles what we’re used to in mainstream EDM, with lasers, carefully placed vocal samples and some trap style synths. However, the progression of the song is anything but, as it curves away from the big bass and into a drum and bass style breakdown. Finally we’re left with our personal favorite on the EP: “Open Your Eyes”.

I grew up on the Temptations. My mom always leaned away from rock and roll, and leaned towards soul, RnB and eventually disco. So, hearing this silky smooth interpretation really took me to another place. It’s so natural, undemanding and meticulously put together. This track is the epitome of how I see Free n Losh.

After sampling this EP on repeat, we reached out to ask some questions to this Toronto based duo. From the early days, to what’s in store next, check out what they had to say.

’Free n Losh – Close Your Eyes (Intro)’
’Free n Losh – What We’ll See’
’Free n Losh – The World Within’
’Free n Losh – Spaceships vs. Submarines’
’Free n Losh – Open Your Eyes’

TMN: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking some time to sit down with us. First off, talk to us about how this project came to be. When did you two come together to form Free n Losh?

Free: We met up at university through mutual friends. I stopped by Losh’s room with my buddy who knew him and when I walked in I saw Big L and Pharcyde posters and we got to talking…

Losh: Free had been producing already for a couple years when we met and when I told him I always wanted to give it a shot, he encouraged me to try it out. So I did, and I got addicted to it. It all grew from there.

TMN: What was it like creating your guys’ sound?

Free: I wouldn’t say we really have one sound… We’re always developing and working on new ideas.

Losh: Our music is more conceptually and emotionally based because we try not to limit ourselves by genre. We just want to be able to make whatever comes to us at any given time.

TMN: Speaking of your sound, you have a very interesting selection of tracks that you sample. From Tony Bennett to the Temptations, it’s not what we typically hear. What do you look for in a track to sample from/re-work?

Losh: the main thing I look for is what emotion the sample portrays and if i think its possible to maintain. the emotion can come from the lyrics, vocal timbre, horn line, drum groove, anything.

Free: We like to use songs where the lyrics paint a picture, and then we just build on it.

TMN: This latest release, “A World Within,” has a really dreamy soundscape that allows your mind to wander. How do you guys create such a rich, cinematic sound?

Free: It’s really hard to say. With this EP we wanted to capture some new themes and go deeper with our music than we have in the past. For me it was a matter of channeling a state of mind that I’m all too familiar with.

TMN: Speaking of cinematic, we have to ask, are you guys film buffs? We assumed so, due to the near movie-like scoring of your tunes and of course the homage to Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Free: Who doesn’t love a good movie? I think cinematic music is really just visual music and if your music hits on more than one of the five senses you’re doing something right – we try to make music you can hear, see and feel… we haven’t figured out smell and taste yet…

TMN: If you guys could work with any Director to score a movie, who would you most like to work with?

Free: After last night – Vince Gilligan. That last episode of Breaking Bad was beautiful. Other than that I’d want to work with Richard Linklater on some Waking Life type visuals.

Losh: Martin Scorsese

TMN: Alright, back to your music. We’ve noticed so many different influences from jazz to electronica. Did you grow up exposed to music as kids? How did the admiration of different genres come about?

Free: Both of our dads are musicians so we were definitely exposed to music early on. I would have to remember a time that I didn’t love music to understand how my love of music came about.

Losh: My parents exposed me to a lot of different music growing up from rock to jazz to reggae, blues, funk, etc. And my older siblings were also introducing me to some more modern 90’s rock and R&B at the same time so I was kind of getting hit with a ton of different sounds at all times.

TMN: What’s next for Free n Losh? Can we expect a tour on the horizon?

Losh: You can expect a tour in the near future…we’re developing something special that will be more than just another dj set. When it does come we’ll be incorporating plenty of live elements…that’s all you get for now.

Free: We’ve got a bunch of new songs finished that should be out pretty soon. Also, we’ve already started brainstorming ideas for the next EP.

TMN: Alright, before we go, let’s ask a few questions just to get to know you better personally. These are a little off the wall, so just say the first thing that comes to mind. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

Free: Sushi

Losh: Chicken and waffles from the Drake Hotel

TMN: If you could live in any other era in history, what would it be?

Losh: The 50’s

TMN: If you guys were a WWF wrestling duo, what would your name be?

Free: The Music Ninjas

TMN: Love it. Name three things that are always in your fridge, no matter what.

Losh: mango, arugula and thick-sliced bacon

TMN: Ok, that’s it! Thank you so much for your time. We’re huge fans of your guys work, and were honored to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Free n Losh: It’s been a pleasure. Hope to speak to you guys again soon.

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