in between my intense schedule of watching reruns of “roseanne” and duct taping fire works to a hellboy action figure, i managed to make this song and piss off my neighbors at the same time!

Thats Dj Death To The Throne reassuring us that he sure can multi-task! Watching reruns of “Roseanne” is already a tough job.. add to that he managed to produce a song.

I Only Have Eyes For You

’i only have eyes for you.mp3′

Even though this track is not necessarily considered Psychedelic trance/music.. the progression of electronic 8th?/16th? notes give it a very appealing, complex and repetitive vibe. I think I like this song more than any other Death To The Thorne tracks but you be the judge! Check out his myspace and I have also attached a song he released a couple of weeks back remixing The Xx – Shelter.



and just because this version, although old, just sound so freaking good, here is Death To The Throne’s take on Daft Punk’s Technologic

Daft Punk -Technologic

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