James Vincent McMorrow
When I Leave

Coming off a massive festival season, one of our favorite vocalists in music is back with another tune, and it’s up for a free download. “When I Leave” follows up the 2nd album from McMorrow, and was comprised entirely on the road. Admitting that the recording isn’t polished after having been recorded on the road, he describes how this song came to be:

I’ve been recording when I can over the summer, on the floors of festival dressing rooms, in hotels, I’ve been waiting for everyone to fall asleep so I can track vocals in the back lounge of the bus. Making Post Tropical definitely lit a fire. There’s no plan for any of it, I have an album in the world and it is rightfully taking up a lot of my energy, but I’ve plenty energy to go around, I’d like to start putting out some ideas while the ink is still wet, I want people to hear them, to know what they are when we play them live during the autumn Euro and US tours.

Disclaimer, They’re not polished, nothing recorded on the road ever could be, a lot of time spent removing crazy back ground sounds from vocals etc. That’s the point though I guess, snapshots. – James Vincent McMorrow

In all honesty, we could care less that this hasn’t been shined up in a studio by an audio engineer. The moment that glorious falsetto glides over the booming kick drum was more than enough to make us stop what we’re doing and simply swoon. Coupled with some minimalist synths, “When I Leave” drives our adoration even further, leaving us incapable of switching on to the next tune.

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