ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron

Are you currently absolutely killing it? Are things going so well that you just can’t even? Did your crush recently hit you up to hang out? Did you just win $100 on a scratcher? Are you experiencing some sort of deliriously happy moment right now? If you answered yes to any of those things, get ready to take it in to overdrive with this remix from Norweigan producer, Coucheron.

Flipping the script on the 808-heavy original, this remix of “Tuesday” has a soulful groove twisted around some expertly sampled vocals. Utilizing the ethereal synths from the background in the original, Coucheron flawlessly brings this back full circle, while giving it a whole new look and feel. Those rolling snare hits, booming kicks, and funky-ass bassline take this tune into a danceable tempo, creating smile-inducing grooves worthy of your current “I’m in the best mood ever” vibes.

If you’re opting to avoid a hangover tomorrow at work by not going to the club on a Tuesday, feel free to re-work the lyrics. We suggest, “I’m comin’ up on a Tuesday,” or “Fillin’ up my cup on a Tuesday.” In fact, if you want to lighten the mood on that influenza, you could belt out “I’m throwin’ up on a Tuesday.” If you pull that last one off, please record it, as you will be an absolute legend in our books.

Keep on smilin’, ninjas.

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