Young Canadian producer Zanski has been on our music radar for a little while, successfully whetting our appetite for his potential with incredibly funky remixes of the likes of Porter Robinson, Childish Gambino, and most recently a Stardust classic. Now the up-and-comer is ensuring we take note of his talents in crafting his own originals with the release of his latest Saturnine EP on SectionZ Records. Heavy-hitting electro-funk grooves and jammin melodic breakdowns are set in motion from the get-go, with all intentions to unleash this energetic display and command total intention from all listeners, familiar or otherwise. For those coming in fresh, there are clear traces of influence from fellow genre ambassadors uppermost and Lemaitre, but the EP really comes into its own here with the unrelenting assault of insane instrumentation that could only have been the result of countless hours of studio sweat. While the first 3 songs carry a very similar passion for this style, interestingly enough the final (and title) track switches things up with a much softer feel. As if allowing your body some reprieve from the intensity of the musical experience so far, ‘Saturnine’ heroes progression and astral vibes to add a sweet touch to this ending of what is a very memorable release. It’s one that we’ll surely be referencing when we continue to write about this talented individual in his bright future ahead.

The Saturnine EP is out now via Bandcamp.

’Jersey Kids’
’Agate Beach’
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