Shakedown (feat. Seja)

We’re always privy to pacing our Mondays around TMN with loads of feelgood, funkified listening vibes. After our tastefully programmed Monday morning Chill Dojo playlist, it’s time to keep scooting forward with some wiggle-inducing sounds. Urging the needle along on our Monday afternoon is Equal, a New York City DJ/producer originally from Asheville, NC who’s been making plenty of ripples in our music pond since the release of his single “Lost in the Evening” featuring the inimitable Gary Jules. Today, Equal’s dropped another slice of rarefied pop infused with plenty of proper funk and disco cadence, “Shakedown”, which features the vocal talents of Seja (ex-lead singer of Brisbane synth-punk trio Sekiden). “Shakedown” plays as the premiere offering from a debut, self-titled EP due out later this Fall, and it’s got us simultaneously waxing nostalgic for those old funky rolling guitar licks and looking to the future for more tunes riding the kind of neoteric-past edge that Equal has been.

About his latest single, Equal shared: “‘Shakedown’ was created when a group of friends from all over the globe got together for a night -Seja, Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) and Johnny Mackay (Fascinator).  A round robin of instruments, singing, and a bottle of whiskey later, ‘Shakedown’ was born. ‘Shakedown’ is the product of good friends getting loose on a hot Summer’s night. There was no end product in mind, only to have fun, hang out, and make music together.” Well if this is the result of simply having fun, we’d love to see what occurs when Equal really gets behind something in the studio. Shakedown” sees release on The Knocks’ fledgling HeavyRoc Music imprint, which is already carving out a special place in our Ninja hearts, so get with it and stream “Shakedown” above.
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