Heart Sting

Daijo and Aloma Steele return together with another future bass hit. “Heart Sting” will do just that, so be careful with this one. Daijo’s only released a handful of records over the past year, but he’s quickly risen among the ranks as one of the go-to guys for memorable songs.

“Heart Sting” balances out Daijo’s catalog as it comes as the third original complimented by three remixes. We’re glad he moved to originals as it really showcases his abilities all around. His previous two originals had him bringing a pop edge to the mix, but here he goes a pretty traditional route with his future sound. It’s just got a slightly different tone to it, but he keeps the strong vocal work involved. Aloma, as usual, killed it on that front. “Heart Sting” is out now on digital stores.

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